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Kian Sanat Group started its work in 1991 in a professional and focused way in the field of saw blades, cutters and welding and cutting machines. Gaining experience and gaining the trust of customers, this group expanded its activities and by establishing 2 branches exclusively to meet the needs of esteemed customers and activities in each branch by experts in the fields of welding, cutting, after-sales service and repairs. Done.

Since it was felt that in our industries there are no academic activities in the field of band saw cutting and like other fields, no specialized activity has been done on it, so professionally planning to do this was on the top of our collection and Work in the three priority areas of production, sales and services was started and the work tools were gradually provided in accordance with the plan.

For long-term goals, various cutting methods include: laser cut, water jet, saw cutting flam, cutting guillotine…. They were considered as the start of sawing work and so far very good experience and communication has been provided in this regard, which we hope to see bigger and faster movements in the future with these supports.