Introducing different types of laser cutting machines

Introducing different types of laser cutting machines
Types of laser cutting machine Laser cutting machine is a machine that is used for precise cutting of metal and non-metal. This machine is widely used in industry because it performs cutting operations with high accuracy and speed. With its help, you can cut and drill on different objects or engrave different shapes on materials.


The operation of the laser cutting machine is that first the laser beam is shone from the head of the machine on the object that we intend to cut or engrave, and then this laser beam cuts the desired part according to the amount of power defined for it. Gives or causes its sublimation (engraving) and at the end, the cut parts are removed from the body with high pressure gas so that the smooth and smooth surface of the main part remains.


Types of laser cutting machines
Laser generators can create different types of lasers. These lasers are known as: gas laser, chemical laser, radioactive laser, solid laser. The most widely used in the industry are only two types of gas lasers and solid lasers. These two types of lasers are composed of different parts. For example, it can be said that among industrial lasers, Co2 gas is the most used. Because it can be used to cut and engrave on various types of tools, including metals and non-metals. Of course, each of these technologies has an impact on the price of the laser cutting machine.


Laser cutting machines are made in a special type of CO2 and fiber, each of which has advantages. In fiber laser, unlike CO2, none of the parts or mirrors used in it have motion and are fixed, and therefore will be much more useful in terms of overall cost. 3 kW fiber device consumes one third of the power consumption of 4 kW CO2 laser device.

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