Our Goals

Kian Sanat Group started its work in 1991 in a professional and focused way in the field of saw blade and cutting and welding, cutting and sawing machines. Gaining experience and gaining the trust of customers, this group expanded its activities and established 3 branches exclusively to meet the needs of esteemed customers, and in each branch, activities are performed by specialists in the fields of welding, after-sales service and repairs. Be.

Since it was felt that there is a gap in the field of cutting in our industry and no serious activity has been done on it in accordance with other disciplines, so professionally planning to do this was at the top of our agenda in this field. Necessary measurements and studies were performed and the work in three areas of sales priority, services, start production and work tools was gradually and achieved in accordance with the plan. In the long-term goals, various cutting methods including: laser cut, water jet, saw cutting flam, cutting guillotine …. were considered as the start of sawing work and so far has provided excellent experience and communication in this regard, which is hoped with these supports in the future larger movements And let’s see faster.


The company now has a wide range of activities with efficient staff in the field of sales, services and production of parts and continues its efforts to create a modern and indigenous algorithm in cutting. In this regard, it has tried to Communication with foreign companies and gaining knowledge and experience from them and on the other hand the experiences gained in selling various types of saw blades and repairs and reconstruction of saw machines have achieved the desired set for localization and greater productivity and in accordance with the spirit and performance. Iranian operator and the needs of Iranian employers to do something that can be considered as a reference in this regard.


This section includes experienced staff who have a long history in the field of selling industrial saw blade machinery is able to perform all the services desired by customers as soon as possible. In this section, orders are taken by phone and online and relying on the workshop Welding and repairs and a large exhibition of machinery located in the company’s permanent location will be sent to the customer’s requested location as soon as possible.

Due to the vastness and variety of saw blade consumption (round and strip), storage facilities and good inventory to provide saw blade to consumers as soon as possible, and by creating a welding workshop and repairing the saw blade after selection by sales experts According to the size of welding customers (with Vikus method and German machines) are taped, packaged and sent to the customer’s address.

In the end, it is mentioned that for more information, you can refer to the following site, but in this site, this information is placed in Persian so that the clients can make the most of the technical points.


After Sales Service

In the field of after-sales service, this complex has a professional, specialized and experienced team that covers installation and training activities for the use of devices, as well as repairs in Tehran and all parts of Iran.